Downloadable PDF: Christian_Erali,Resume


Champlain College, Burlington, VT, April 2014 Pursuing Masters of Fine Arts in Emergent Media; GPA: 3.16/4.0

Program designed to educate students about technologies, theories, projects, and ideas concerning the digital space

Thesis topic: An in-depth look at dissonance in video games

Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY, May 2012

Bachelor of Arts in History; GPA: 3.18/4.0

Honors: Leadership Scholar, John Harcourt scholarship


Proficient in the following programs:


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Actively learning:

Skyrim Creation Kit



Source SDK

Personal Attributes:

Determined and ambitious

Able to lead and follow

Fast learner

Kind and fun-loving

Current Projects:

Traditional Board Games:

Inheritance: Roleplaying game built around deception, greed, and a two dice system that allows players to try anything

States of Crusade: Traditional, turn-based board game designed to teach players about the Crusades

Digital Game:

Augmented Reality Maze: Created and iterated many different kinds of mazes using Sketchup and Iphone application

Ford Foundation’s WealthBuilders: Primary writer and editor for the educational modules that accompany the game Work indirectly with client to insure the modules meet their criteria

Game Facilitation:

Dungeon Master for Dungeons and Dragons game, Fall 2012 to present

Create structured, level appropriate challenges for players to role-play and battle through while telling a story Insure cooperation between several different players with competing ideas and motivations

Dungeon Master, Co-Founder, and Officer for the Ithaca College Role-Playing Games club Spring semester 2012

Create new and interesting stories and battles for players to contend with

Correlate proper creatures with several different factors such as level, party make up, etc. to ensure a fun and exciting romp through a fantasy world

Build the organization and ensure a fair, fun experience for all involved

President of the Ithaca College Magic the Gathering Club Fall and Spring semester 2012

Regularly set up weekly meetings Continually pursued new measures to recruit members

Work Experience:

Champlain College, Emergent Media Center (EMC), Fall 2013

Work with team to produce and refine games for clients, Freelance Author, Summer 2010-present

Regularly write and discuss certain aspects of games, culture, and content through the use of online articles

Downloadable PDF: Christian_Erali,Resume


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